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 "An extraordinary flute and whistle player."
-The Chicago Tribune 

"A brilliant flute and whistle player with near cult status."
-The Anchorage Daily News 

“Laurence Nugent is a traditional Irish musician who adds subtle traces of jazz, classical and world music to the old melodies. He manages to gently stretch the boundaries of Irish music without sacrificing the essential character of the tunes. Even when Nugent adds new twists to the old tunes, his playing always remains true to his roots."
-Michael Simmons, Rhythm Magazine 

"Laurence Nugent, flute and whistle player is a man not given to stray notes or empty promises...a musician who doesn’t need to prove anything, who tracks his route with the confidence of a traveller well used to the road, but still excited by the discoveries around every bend."
-Hot Press Magazine-Dublin, Ireland

"Nugent's playing is supple and expressive, a very impressive player."
-Dirty Linen Magazine 

"Nugent plays ages-old reels, jigs and hornpipes with amazing speed and dexterity, but what really sets him apart is his innate lyricism."
-The Chicago Tribune 

"At its best, traditional Irish music alternately soothes the soul and inflames one's passion, and few musicians do both as effortlessly as Nugent does."
-Dan Keening, The Chicago Tribune 

"Mr. Nugent is a virtuoso flute and whistle player. His music has a clear melodic quality that only the most grounded and accomplished musician can convey."

-Tony Omer, The Martha's Vineyard Times


"Laurence Nugent is capable of tearing a musical hole into the space-time continuum."-former student, Brendan A.

I’ve known Laurence for over 20 years, and have heard him in countless sessions and concerts. His playing is centuries wide. It is not the product of practice, though I have seen him refine a passage over and over and over again, knocking off the corners and stripping down tunes until they conform and flow with his singular rhythmic facility. It’s the product of a life spent in traditional music, hundreds of thousands of miles traveling, listening, playing. Laurence has the ability to distill the centuries to a nights session, a set of tunes, a phrase, the notes of a slow air, surrounded by a radius of music circling the vast history of Irish tradition. 

The essence of Laurence's approach to Irish music is a style unquestionably traditional but completely unique. I can say that there is no one who plays the whistle and flute like Laurence Nugent: that is fact. He is contributing to the conversation of an ancient tradition with a unique and respectful voice. There is no higher compliment I can make. -Thank you for the music, Ethan James